"Hi, I'm Alana, I make underwear"

This opening line is usually met with a high pitched "ooh!?" which I respond to by whipping out my smartphone & scrolling through photos of my recent work. 

"Ahh! These are super cute!"

"Oh wow, those would actually look great on me"

"Do you have a card, I need to pass this onto my sister/friend/husband/co-worker who's getting married next month"

I started sewing as a kid, armed with puffy paint & scrap fabric, I would hand stitch bags upon bags upon bags. My mother is a seamstress, proving that anything was possible as she turned my original sketches into real dresses in my teens. 9 years ago in high school textiles, somebody trusted me with a sewing machine (I STILL haven't sewn over my finger... yet. I hear it happens to the best of us) I haven't looked back since.

I studied fashion for two years at Newcastle TAFE, & a week after I graduated, I started selling my work under Desvalido. It excites me every single day, I hope it excites you too!

So why lingerie?

I started off designing dresses. Gradually, the dresses became shorter & sexier, coincidentally around the same time I started buying lingerie. I found out just how good the right pair of knickers could make me feel & the passion was ignited.

Why handmade?

Mostly because I love sewing! Handmaking means I can add whatever I want to the store whenever I want. I can produce limited edition runs as there are no minimums to meet with a factory. I can create something that is a size smaller at the waist than the bum if that's your shape (I have size 12 shoulders on a size 10 chest with a size 8 waist & size 12 thighs. I know I'm not alone!), & if you want something in a different colour because you can't find it anywhere, I can help! I have extremely high standards, & handmade does not equal homemade so you'll receive a great product!


In my studio I have 6 different sewing machines & a big cutting table. Different products require different machines, for example I have one dedicated to sewing the edges of my French knickers so they're perfect every time.
When I bring in new designs I pattern make them myself & test multiple sizes before adding them to the store. I even custom make my care & content labels so you know how to look after your lingerie based on each fabric used.

What next?

More pyjamas, more art, more prints, more fun, more comfort, more being yourself. Desvalido is growing, I want to be a we! If you're interested in working together on a pyjama collection, stocking Desvalido in your store, or shooting somewhere new, I'd love to hear from you!

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