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I am so happy with this purchase! I purchased the bubblegum gift box and it was perfect! The underwear fits perfectly, along with being super cute and comfy. I have fairly thick hair and the scrunchie holds it up just fine all day. The bath bomb smells lovely (I have yet to use to it).
Will definitely be purchasing more items!


I always feel like a confident bad-ass in these, the only negative is that I don't know how I can go back to wearing normal, boring underwear when these look and feel so amazing!
The fit is perfect, the colour is absolutely stunning, I honestly can't hype them enough!

French Knickers

Took a little while to receive but totally worth the wait, they are so comfy and flattering


I had been following Desvalido for years and had always been so tempted to purchase a pair of iconic Frenchies but couldn’t decide on which ones! Earlier in the year I bit the bullet and grabbed the cutest cotton gingham pair and I’m so glad that I did. They’re adorable and so unbelievably comfortable. As an extra bonus, they make any butt look great! Cannot recommend them enough

Beautiful. Sexy. Empowering.

I get fairly anxious about lingerie and cute underwear and feeling too exposed but not with Desvalido!! I feel comfy, incredible, cute, sexy and empowered. I kinda wanna wear it everywhere!

My fave!

My favourite animal is the fox so when I saw these on the website, I had to get them! These are my favourite pjs to sleep in


I absolutely love this!! So comfy to walk around the house in and sleep in


I love this top! It’s so silky and so comfortable to sleep in

Great quality

I'm a size 12, wide-hipped gal and bought the Emerald French Knicker with a high waist add-on. Sits at my belly button and displays my booty nicely. I love it!


Love love love! Fits great, feels great, looks great! Love Desvalido, amazing work Alana!


Beautiful fabric, lovely design, great fit.

flattering & comfy

looooove my french knickers!! theyre so nice to wear, and make me feel super sexy. very quick turnaround given that they were handmade. definitely want to purchase more in the future!!


Service. Product. Quality.
Everything about Desvalido is incredible. I cannot fault the team here at all. The fabric is soft and it feels so sexy on. I want all of the things!!!

Flattering and comfy!

The fit is perfect and makes my butt look super cute. Plus the fabric is so soft!

Butt = great. Decision making = harder.

I bought three pairs of tall frenchies, and this has presented a distressing dilemma, as now every day as I choose my 'best' undies, I have to decide between classic black, cute peach or sexy black lace. This is very stressful. If I had just one pair of knickers that I loved it would save me 5 minutes of decision-making every few days. Luckily, this has been somewhat rectified by the need to launder my undergarments, which removes in part some decisions (and I don't have to think twice about throwing them in the machine because they're super well-made and washing-machine safe). I am also very happy that I have noticed an uptick in the number of compliments I receive from myself when I look at my Desvalidoed butt in the mirror. This has been a real bonus. Oh, I should mention that somehow the tall frenchies work under pants, even though they're loose and fluttery. I don't understand. I put my jeans on for giggles and there were no weird knicker bumps. I'm cool with this. 12/10.


My first time ever having something custom made me for me and I’m obsessed! As soon as I put my peach jersey set on, I instantly felt sexy - something I rarely feel as a plus size gal who struggles to ever feel comfortable. Soon after I received my pieces, the option to add more fabric for extra high waisted-ness became an option for bottoms, so now I’m dying to get another pair of shorts. I love Desvalido and would love to work with the team if I didn’t live in Sydney! Keep up the fab work 💕

My favourite things in the world

I own two pairs of these (I paid for the high waist add on) and two matching sets in other colours, and I wear them every night. They are the most comfortable things I own, they are fun, they are flattering, they are sexy, and I love to support a company when the people making the products are this wonderful. By far some of my most complimented underwear!

Perfect panties!

I highly recommend these, I got them in two colors and plan on more, sizing and cut are just PERFECTION
Loved the beautiful presentation upon arrival too. Thanks so much.

Bedtime heaven

I have been washing and wearing these on repeat! To bed with a singlet they are so comfy but feel sexy, and since they’re close to being shorts, I flit around the house in them the next day. Love the fabric and the cut. Highly recommend

Absolutely beautiful!!

Fits my body shape so so well, which is rare for me to find! So beautifully made and no piece has ever made me feel as confident as this one! In love <3

Beautiful and Great Value for Luxe products

I am a long time lover of Desvalido products! If you’re looking for a good way to get introduced into the world of Frenchies beautifully crafted by Desvalido I would highly recommend this. The cotton frenchie feels so soft and is nice and airy, the polyester ones are also soft and hold their shape well even when washed in the washing machine (in a double delicates bag of course!). The stitching is very well done, and Desvalido only chooses the best fabrics. It does take a few weeks for the pieces to arrive but that’s what makes these handmade lingerie so good because you can see the care they put into making it. I wear mine all time—to lounge around and to bed. It will 100% make you feel like your best self wearing these beautiful things so get it!!!


Got these to match the bralette and I can say, I absolutely adore how they look on me. They fit perfectly, the material is soft & they feel really light. I will be purchasing more in the future!

Love love love!!

Absolutely in love with this bralette. It is gorgeous and doesn’t feel tight at all around me. It is easy to put it on.

Absolutely perfect!

Thank you so much for delivering such gorgeous pieces and putting so much love and care in your packaging. Highly recommend, will buy again 💕

great 10/10

my gf looks so sexy in them and she says they feel great, we end up having hot steamy sex everytime she puts them on. a bonus is you can pull them to the side and not even have to take them off ;)