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Sizing : Ruffle Bralettes

One of my most frequently asked questions is regarding sizing for the ruffle bralettes, there's a good amount of information here but I'm still more than happy to help, the inbox is always open

 Usual bra size




6/Custom 6 6 8 10 12/Custom Custom


8/Custom 8 8 8/10 10/12 12 Custom


10/Custom 10 10 10/12 12/14 14 Custom


12/Custom 12 12 12/14 14/16 16 Custom


14/Custom 14 14 14/16 16/18 Custom Custom


Custom 16 16 16/18 18/Custom Custom Custom


Custom 18 18 18/Custom Custom Custom Custom


When I say custom, I won't ask you to measure each boob to the millimetre - as long as there's enough room for them in the cups, they should smoosh into the right place.

The absence of wires & padding means they fit more like a dress than a regular bra - the sturdy elastic used under the band means they are a bunch more supportive than those lace triangle bralettes too. 

For A cups, I slim down the curves, resulting in a shallower cup. This means it won't look bulky on you

For larger busts, I've had plenty of customers size up up to 2 sizes without any issues. If you don't think that will work for you, we can go with a custom. Once I know your normal bra size, we'll figure out what size to make the cups & take some length from the back to even it out. Depending on your size, sometimes I'll use different elastic for the bra straps (I can even do this inside the silk straps) something more sturdy & the tiniest bit wider for extra support.

For D cup wearers, I've listed you can go either way. I've had feedback from people who have gone either option successfully: if you size up, it'll be a little comfier & you shouldn't have any problems, if you stick with the smaller size, it'll simply be shallower & there will be less coverage - you know your boobs better than I do so if you know they're bottom heavy, or your nipples sit high, sizing up is the better option.

Full bust babes: we both know these aren't going to be the most supportive things you can buy but only you can decide if it's the way to go! If you wear an 18E & you'd love to get them into a matching Desvalido set, who am I to deny you? I will do my absolute best, & if you find you try it on & it just didn't work out, I'd rather hear from you than have your bralette sitting in the lingerie drawer bumming you out every time you look at it!

Need one side bigger than the other? I can totally do it! 

If you require something extra customised, the best way to go about it is email - this is a completely judgement free zone & there's a high chance I've done it before.