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The Scrunchie Drive | 2023

Desvalido's Scrunchie Drive is back for a third year!

Thanks to you, the first one in 2021 literally saved me from closing! In 2022 we raised a bunch of money for animal rescues chosen by you as a way to give back, this year? Well it's been quiet for small businesses all around Australia & I'd love to get back on top of my supplies etc, so the goal is to sell 500 scrunchies & headbands to fund a bunch of things I've had to neglect the past 6-12 months

  • Restocking materials, like threads, elastics, fabrics I'm almost sold out of as well as new prints for the rest of the year's collections, I am so low on silk it's giving me a headache
  • Photoshoots! I haven't done any since November 2022 & it shows, new collections with nobody to show them off, there are only so many selfies a gal can take! I pay all of our Desvalido models & everyone who works on a shoot, it's not $10k thankfully but it's not free
  • Little things like stickers, postage labels, swing tags, & post bags, if I buy them in bulk it lasts me a year, saves a bunch of cash which helps to keep Desvalido prices the same for as long as possible

I know, this all sounds like a ME problem, but if Desvalido closes & I have to get a job there will be no more frenchies & that's a problem for all of us! (kidding, mostly, not really) thankfully Desvalido makes an incredible scrunchie, the fabrics I use are luxurious as hell, there are 34 colour options in the silk now & plenty of prints to pick from too! SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Add a pop of colour to your outfit the day you get your package or save them all for gifting in December, I'm confident you'll be impressed either way. Desvalido scrunchies have really really really great reviews for a reason ;) I can't say we're the best but other people can

So now we're across the why, here are the fun parts...

I'm adding freebie lucky dips if you grab 4 scrunchies! I always try to pick something I think you'll like, if you order 4 headbands - your lucky dip will be a headband, if your order is silk-free - your lucky dip will be too, etc etc. If you for some reason want to order 40, firstly, thanks & I love you, secondly, I'll give you 10 free lucky dips. This does include gift packs, no code needed I'll just pop it in when I pack your order


We're playing a guessing game! On the 18th June 2023 I picked 4 scrunchie colours, if you're the first to guess which 4, you win a $1000 Desvalido voucher. If nobody guesses correct by 11.59pm 1st July 2023 AEST we'll pick one entry at random. Guesses are free with each product in your order (eg buy 3 things, get 3 guesses) or $5 each if you want to pay for extras. The guesses are listed as a digital item that you add to the cart once selecting your options, & it'll discount them automatically on the cart page - this felt like the best & simplest way to do it, if you spot any issues please let me know. You can read more about it & add your guess to the cart here

I'll be counting via our Instagram @DesvalidoAU & @Des.Scrunch

Thank you as always for supporting the dream, I hope your butt & your hair will thank you even more! XO Alana

PS Scrunchie Drive pieces are still made-to-order & will take 8 weeks to ship! The to-sew list is quite long & my darling part time sewing wizard Emilly won't be coming back so it's all me, baby! (sad but there are no hard feelings, she's the best)