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May 19 2021 – Alana Becker

Firstly thank you so much for clicking through to this page, it means a lot to all of us that you think we're worth saving!
Our biggest problem at the moment is that we've had too many slow sales weeks this year & now we have to make up for it. Our second biggest problem is making sure we either don't have slow sales weeks in the future, or we have enough saved up to make it through (realistically both of those things are very important if we want to keep the pressure off)
We need orders, & a butt load of new customers (hehe, a butt load)
Luckily I think we have the reach to get the ball rolling, so please if you can help in any way, we'll appreciate it so much


  • Purchase a gift card here, you can always use it for yourself later
  • Purchase a scrunchie here. 1000 silk scrunchies covers a full year of studio rent + insurance, even though it feels like a ridiculous ask, we'd basically be forced to stick it out for another year if the rent was paid, right? - & you DO get a scrunchie out of it, so everybody wins! Think of them as a lifesaver ring you throw to someone who accidentally fell off the boat (IT'S US, WE FELL OFF THE BOAT)
  • Purchase literally anything from us, businesses need sales & ever since December 2020 things have been wildly unpredictable week to week. If you've had your eye on anything in our store, now is a great time to jump on it - we have PayPal, AfterPay, Zip, & Shopify can securely take regular card payments too
  • Gift our products to people who think will love them too (where appropriate HAHA if you saw that sibling instagram story you know what I'm talking about)
  • On the subject of gifting... got a sugar daddy or mama who'd love to spoil you? Send them a few of our links! We gift box our silk frenchies, bralettes, & robes, & can always include a personalised note xo
  • Share our work on social media, you never know who's going to see it & maybe we're exactly what they've been looking for!
  • Visit us for our studio sale in June, details are on a Facebook event here come solo or bring a friend, we'd love to meet you
  • Can't make it to our studio? We have a rack of our products at With Love, Bree-Lacey at 289 Hunter Street Newcastle
  • Review your Desvalido on the Facebook page here or on our website (even if you bought something from a market or retailer, you can still review it through our store it just won't say "verified") it helps people get a better idea of our work & also makes us warm & fuzzy when we read them
  • Bring us up in conversation, word of mouth is the good old fashioned way of growing a business & it's so much harder in the lingerie industry!
  • If you have photos or selfies in our products, we'd love to see them! Post them on your Instagram & tag @DesvalidoAU or DM us, Desvalido is made to be seen & so are you, you beautiful thing <3
  • Last but certainly not least, if you own a boutique or know someone who does & you think we'd be a perfect fit, we'd love to hear from you