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It's a test blog!

June 03 2019 – Alana Becker

It's a test blog!
It's a test blog!

For months now I've had it on the to-do list,

"Start a blog"
"Look into blog platforms"
"Brainstorm blog topics"

The thing that pushed me over the edge? Social media censorship. I'm sick of being restricted when I create content. Gotta conform to the Instagram crop, nothing too seductive, & definitely no female nipples. Maybe we weren't even going in that direction this time around, but that should be OUR decision to make. Restricting art is like restricting the amount of cracked pepper you put on your pasta. It just isn't fair? It doesn't make sense? WHY can't I do what I want?

You know what else doesn't make sense? Creating content almost exclusively for a platform that doesn't respect or appreciate you. Lingerie hashtags don't work, we're constantly being shadow banned for "adult content", the reach is abysmal, & I'm still salty about Instagram ditching chronological order!

Lately I've been working with some really talented creative people, & I want somewhere beautiful to display the results. That somewhere can be right here. 

XO Alana