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FUUUUUU- one year later!

May 17 2022 – Alana Becker

A small update woohoo

17th of May 2021 was one of my worst days ever (at least for me, so far, I guess)

I walked into my studio at 8am puffy eyed, & ready to let my 3 employees & 2 marketing contractors the SHIT NEWS. We were probably going to go broke, like, yesterday. We could close at the end of the month before things got worse, or maybe just maybe make it through til December to use up our materials, like a slow death but at least we'd get some time to plan. 

"How about we let the people decide?"

Um how about NO, as if I want to tell the whole entire internet that I'm a dumbass who can't run a business?

We did, in fact, end up telling the whole entire internet & they were honestly so lovely. I'm eternally grateful we had support in the darkest time in Desvalido's 8.5 year history (so far, I guess)



Not going to lie, the last 12 months have been rocky as well, but now the "why" is strong & I know whenever we're down, we'll get back up.

The biggest difference between 2021 & now, is we decide to basically toss out our whole business model of making-to-order & went small batch ready-to-ship, in the hopes that folks who bloody hate waiting (aka 90% of people in 2022) will finally look our way MAYBE

Still handmade OF COURSE, just without the 8 week processing time

We've got big delicious plans for the future & I'm excited to say I'm in love with my work again. We downsized both our team & our space earlier this year which was awful & hard but we're still here!

Thanks for coming along for the ride, stay tuned for something fun coming late May 2022

Lots of love, Alana