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National Underwear Day - Birthday Breakfast

August 05 2022 – Alana Becker

Hey gang! I'll keep it short & sweet

5th of August is National Underwear Day & hilariously, my birthday

Every year I have the same birthday breakfast, here's how to make it:

You need: bread, camembert or brie cheese - sliced, strawberries - sliced, butter, sea salt & cracked pepper

  • Toast 2 slices of your favourite bread
  • Butter them, with good butter! Doesn't have to be fancy but this is not the time for margarine
  • Cover your buttered toast with slices of cheese
  • Cover that with slices of strawberries
  • Salt & pepper
  • EAT & ENJOY!

I know I should have written 80 paragraphs of irrelevant back story above this recipe blog but I didn't, now I'm off to make a second serve of this so I can photograph it (wish me luck!)

Seriously, try it ;) 

Xx Alana